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BABY CHANGING MAT by Holliday and Home

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Our Holliday and Home Luxe Double Sided Baby Changing Mats are Created for Stylish and Practical Living and Designed exclusively in Australia.

Made from premium 100% vegan leather (polyurethane nylon).  These mats are perfect for on the go cool mums. When you're finished, simply wipe clean on both sides, air dry and fold compactly or hang to store.

This design is reversable.

These change mats are multipurpose! Use as a baby changing mat, desk mat, place mat, craft mat, baking mat and pet mat.  The premium vegan leather is luxuriously soft, extremely durable, scratch/water resistant.  Use when you are out and about or inside your home.


✦ Premium double sided 100% Vegan Leather

✦ 37 x 65cm, 300grams | YING YANG+TERRACOTTA

✦ MULTIPURPOSE | can be used for a baby changing mat, desk mat, place mat, craft          mat, baking mat and pet mat 

✦ Foldable for easy transportation and hang-strap on one side for simple storage.

✦ Stain resistant. Wipeable and scratch/water-resistant. Wash with a baby wipe or wet        cloth. 

✦ Free of toxins, PVC, phthalates, and lead. Our mats contain no animal byproducts.          Ethically and responsibly made. 

If you are looking for gifts, they are a perfect for baby showers, expecting mums (just because) and as a newborn baby gift.

*We try extremely hard to ensure our images are accurate and as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly due to computer monitors displaying colors differently, device screen settings and lighting*

HOT TIP ~ Roll up your Holliday and Home change mat, tie a scrunchie around it then pop into your nappy bag.  That way you always have a spare scrunchie and you keep your change mat compact,

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