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Displayed together, this avant-garde trio are a visual showstopper.

The leader of the musketeers, Athos is courageous and precise, in red travertine. He moves with order and bends with grace, staying strong and tall always.

Romantic and handsome, Aramis’ smooth polished India Verde body topped with cloud-like Bianco Cararra could have you marble-gazing for hours. His stability gives him a serious impression, but Aramis has a poet’s heart, through and through. 

Our hero, D’Artagnan the brave is both noble and impulsive. His vibrant Rosso Levanto body is flecked with delicate explosions of white veining to create a truly sublime piece.

  • Material: Red Travertine, India Verde & Bianco Cararra, Rosso Levanto
  • Color: Orange/Brown, White & Green, Burgundy
  • Dimensions (in mm): W80*H100mm | W70*H100mm 
  • Finish: Polished

Note: Three Musketeers are set of 3x for $300