The Oracle Candle


"Oracle" The meaning of providing wise insightful information from the divine. 

Just like you would turn to a deck of your favourite oracle cards for guidance from the divine. The first ever oracle candle is here. 

We often look for guidance from the universe or the divine spirits. When asking, it shows that you are willing and openly ready to seek guidance from a power greater than you. 

These candles have been designed to do just that. They each hold a sacred colour. Colours that symbolise meaning in the spiritual world. These colours have been identified to bring knowledge and wisdom when seeking clarity.

When the candle slowly burns down, it will reveal a colour, significate to the guidance you are seeking from the divine and its wisdom. You will not have any idea of what colour, will be revealed. 

Pink/Red - Love for oneself and others. Romance. Its representing your desire to feel love and give love. Allow yourself to do so freely, with no hesitation.

Purple - Ambition. Independence. Purple is a colour for fortune. To allow yourself the independence to grow. Follow your dreams & Seek your ambitions.

Blue - Stability, confidence & loyalty. Blue is an urge for you to calm your energy. Bring stability to your life. Give you the confidence to move forward & seek your truth.

Gold - Compassion, Courage, wisdom & Magic. To have compassion for yourself & what you have been through. It shows abundance is coming from within the desired area of your life. 

Green - Nature, life, safety & communication. Green resembles new beginnings. urging you to ground yourself in nature. See truth in your current situation & be ready for the change. 

The candle has a guided mantra, for you to seek enlightenment from the divine. Before lighting your candle, read out the verse. Focusing on what you need insight from the divine, and guidance for.

After an hour the colour will be revealed. Referring to the card in the box, or colours listed above. This will bring insight and understanding to the question at hand. 

*Some candles may vary in the reveal time. 

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