The Dreamer Infused Candle Pillars


A new range of luxe candle pillars. Created with  natural essential oils & organic herbs & roses. These are perfect for those want to feel the essence of essential oils & their benefits.

These candle pillars are made with 100% natural coconut blended wax. They come in an organic linen fabric wrap. Note - each pillar can vary in petal arrangement. 


It is recommended to only burn these pillars one hour at a time. This is create even flow of wax, no tunneling and stop the wax from breaking down. 

Large candle pillar dimensions 

10.2cm Wide x 9cm heigh

Tall candle pillar dimensions 

8cm wide x 12cm heigh 

* All natural based. These will NOT burn like a paraffin wax standard candle! These will form a pool of wax around the base and it’s advised to have on a tray or dish to catch this. 

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