Natural Selenite Diffuser (Small)


Natural Selenite Diffuser


Natural selenite embodies divine energy and makes it easier for us to interact with our higher self to manifest or simply just let things go. Selenite is one of the few crystals that repulses negativity and low vibrations, which is why it never needs to be charged and instead charges everything in its vicinity with purifying and healing energy.

These 100% natural mineral stone diffusers are hand-carved each individually, preserving most of its original form and sculpture.  Keeping the natural texture and lines on the surface of the selenite, which also makes them unpredictably unique.


How to diffuse:

With just a few drops of your preferred essential oil, the stone will gently emit the aroma from the surface, creating a peaceful and mindful atmosphere.


Uniqueness: The natural texture and material of the stone means there are no two identical PRANSITO stones, anywhere in the world. This beauty in imperfection gives each of them character in shape, color and texture.

Occasionally, you may find a mark, bubble or flaw in the stone which isn’t a quality issue but contributes to the unique beauty of PRANSITO stone diffuser.

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