Moroccan Vintage Rug



This vintage rug is one-of-a-kind. All rugs were handmade and handpicked in the High and Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These traditional Berber rugs are known for their quality, richness and artistic designs.

Rug weaving has been a means of creative expression and storytelling for Berber women throughout centuries. Often, the tribal symbols woven into the rugs can be read as stories of important life events, such as a good harvest, a wedding or the birth of a child. Every area or tribe has its own recognisable style, and yet every piece is deeply personal.

An authentic Moroccan rug like this brings warmth and soul to any home.


- All  rugs are handmade and vintage. This means they are likely to show some irregularities or signs of wear, this adds to the charm of any vintage and handmade item.

- We always check rugs thoroughly for actual damage or holes before we pack. If needed they will be professionally repaired before we ship them off. Repairs are done with the utmost attention and respect for the original character of the item.

Colours - peach, rust, pink, terracotta, touches of pale blue.


Approximate size - 160cm x 260cm

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