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As on its own or with the complete Kirra set, the Kirra tablecloth is designed in house and embroided by hand.

Each stripe is hand dyed and hand stamped with natural colours in India and then hand embroidered with 4-5 crab motifs scattered on the tablecloth. For example, 1 crab is climbing up the skirt of the tablecloth whilst another is in the middle to replicate the beauty of crabs scattered across the sand. The frills are then hand sewn in Australia and create a further elegance and uniqueness to the tablecloth. 

Made with a combination of linen and cotton, the Kirra tablecloth is made not only to look vibrant with its cheerful yellow butter colour with orange stripes but also makes it comfortable to use and work with as it is also muted. 

Cut rectaungularly with a size of approximately 180 cm x 270 cm, the Kirra makes it a versatile tablecloth that will suit most of the tables. 

Instructions: cold wash. Do not tumble dry. 


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