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Kindred Pendant Necklace in Black Onyx

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Make that connection and find your balance with our Kindred Pendant necklaces.

Each pendant is carefully selected with intention to help restore balance, create harmony and bring positive energy to the wearer.

Strength | Stamina | Constancy | Permanence | Firmness | Durability | Self-control

Black Onyx gives strength.  It promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina.  Imparts self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings.  Onyx banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-making.  It encourages happiness and good fortune.

Onyx treats disorders of the bones, bone marrow and blood.  It is beneficial for teeth and the feet.


  • Composition 60% natural stone, 30% iron metal, 10% iron metal

  •  Pendant size: 3.1cm

  • Necklace size: 48cm

Ensure you Activate your crystal.
Understand more about
Activating your Crystal and the Healing Properties of Crystals in the Vakation Traders Chronicle.

As this is natural product and each crystal is individual, minor defect/imperfections are acceptable and considered to be as is. Colour shown in above picture could be slightly different from the original and also depend on the computer screen resolution and settings.



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