Embrace Candle


Embrace - New Moon Candle

”I embrace change. I welcome all that is to come. In the divine I trust”

During a New Moon, the moon is roughly sitting between the Earth & the Sun, hence the Sun is shining on the ‘dark side of the moon’, the side of the moon we never see.  As a result, we cannot see the moon as the side that faces the Earth is not illuminated. 

Both the Moon & Sun are in the same Zodiac sign during a New Moon… giving an exponential boost or concentration of the energy.

The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle.  In the darkness, the fertile ground, you plant the seeds of your heartfelt desires on the New Moon, consciously focusing your Mind/Body/Spirit on the ‘feeling’ of your desires.

Use this time to light the candle, write down all you wish to manifest going forward. Express your desires & what you wish to embrace. 

These candles are made with a illuminating pink natural mica. Which leaves the candle glowing with magic swirls while burning. 

Made in clean glass apothecary jars. 500grams.

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