Discover Your Core Values To Activate Your Light


Remember who you were before the world told you who you were meant to be.


Join us at Well Haus by Halo + Grace for the first in this intimate series of live events with Dante Amato, Mindset + Manifestation Coach as she takes you on an inward journey to discover your Core Values and activate your inner light.


During this nourishing workshop, you will discover who you really are by understanding your core values and how to use them to guide you to find that deep alignment that you so truly desire. Get ready to get to know yourself on a much deeper level as Dante guides you through a series of soul activating practices including a divine guided meditation to help you connect with your truest and most authentic self. Learning how to use your core values as your inner guidance system will be the most valuable gift you can give your future self ... it's the way we stay aligned, in flow and joyous.

In this workshop you will go from feeling

- lost

- uninspired

- misaligned

- unfulfilled


- inspired

- aligned

- excited

- fulfilled and on purpose

You will leave this workshop feeling inspired and deeply connected to your own personal set of core values and you will be confident in making the most soul aligned decisions for your growth and expansion. We are so excited to bring you this live event series with the intention of supporting your self discovery and personal growth journey.

Exchange $89 Friday 29th April at WellHaus x Halo & Grace- shop 7/27 Falkinder Ave Paradise Point (next to Buoy Oh Buoy Cafe) 6pm arrival..


2 hour Live Immersion



Tickets are limited and will sell fast so please go to the link in the bio to book.

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