Ceramic Palm Mug - Lilac


Fika Faru - Palm Mug - approx 250ml

There is something so uniquely satisfying in wrapping your hands around your own special cup and sipping on your favourite warm drink. The tingle in your fingers, the steam hugging the tip of your nose, the wave of warmth you feel as you sink in to that first sip. Fika Faru cups are handmade with the intention to remind you to make these moments spent with your special cup yours. To breathe deep, to sip it slow, and to just be.

**All Fika Faru cups are born on the pottery wheel and finished by hand. This means you might find slight imperfections. Fingerprints, superficial cracks or indentations, these are all a part of their individual journey and are what makes each piece one of a kind.

** Your cup is made from Stoneware clay and double fired at 1200 degrees for durability and everyday use.

Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

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