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Avocado Face Wash by Tropicology

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A gentle cleanser containing avocado and macadamia oils and infused with active botanical extracts and aloe vera. Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant-rich.


Avocado Face Wash purifies, soothes and balances the skin, cleanses deeply without harsh chemicals or soaps, leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.

Aloe vera, avocado oil, chamomile flower, lemon myrtle and macadamia oil. 

Plus, Wild Plum Harvest, a Bioactive complex composed of three indigenous Australian plums - lllawarra, Burdekin and Kakadu.

Dampen your face with water. Squeeze a small amount into your hand then gently rub hands together to emulsify. Massage into face, neck and decolletage using upwards swirling motions. Then rinse with clean warm water and if desired a muslin cloth. For best results, use morning and night and in conjunction with Tropicology's Pure Avocado Face Oil or Face Moisturiser.

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