Ceramic Love Mug - Orange


Fika Faru 


One of a kind Ceramics, Handmade on the Gold Coast by Emily Glover.


Fika - A Swedish word meaning Coffee Break.

Faru - The Old English word for Journey.


Fika Faru is a small ceramics business with a purpose to encourage the pursuit of Self kindness & Love through little conscious moments of Self care each day, through Fika!


Fika Faru ceramics are created with the intention to inspire an experience, to bring you back.

Taking a moment of rest, genuinely slowing down, getting back in touch with your body and recharging on a deeper level.  To Breathe deep, Sip it slow and Just be.


It doesn’t take much to do something nice for yourself each day.

Kindness spreads, and a Fika a day can make a world of difference.

...and maybe make a difference in the world.


**All Fika Faru cups are born on the pottery wheel and finished by hand.

This means you might find slight imperfections. Fingerprints, superficial cracks or indentations, these are all a part of their individual journey and are what makes each piece one of a kind.


**Your cup is made from Stoneware clay and double fired at 1200 degrees for durability and everyday use.


Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

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